Certified Assessment of Precious Metals and Higher Value Parts

Evaluations for Commercial, Judicial, Inheritance, Shares, Patrimonial, Insurance, Courts.
MOF has a team of evaluators with deep knowledge of the artifacts, and with experience in the area for 35 years.
A certified evaluation is an assessment with legal validity, written in detail detailing the articles contained therein, identifying their individual value and intrinsic characteristics.
The certified evaluation has validity of presentation to any official entity, namely: court, or for any other purpose as inheritance, equity purposes, shares etc, according to Law 98/2015 Article 47.
The National Press Casa da Moeda has certified José António Barbosa Oliveira as INCM Official Appraiser, having passed an examination of the National Official Press Officer Casa da Moeda, which took place at the Contrastaria at Porto.
After the analysis of the parts will be issued an evaluation report with legal validity.
For more information on the procedure for evaluating articles with precious metals and higher value items, contact us and schedule your visit!